Montag, 9. Juli 2018

vantales - the vanilla lovestory

bulligeschichten - die vanilla liebesgeschichte

The legendary vanilla crew is no longer just female. We have a new passenger. Antonio is Spanish, three years younger than me and hell of a sweetheart. Today I want to tell you how we found each other and why it wasn't love at first sight. 
2018 just started and I was travelling Andalucia. I just started rock climbing and was lucky enough to meet a bunch of people in Betis, a place where you get rewarded for climbing to the top by an amazing view over the big dune and the Atlantic ocean. Antonio spent his holidays rock climbing in Betis and visiting his family that lives in a city close by.We didn't get to know eachother much, but he offered me his help, in case I come to his city.

The first time just the two of us met, was our first date - at McDonalds. I tried to convince Antonio via Whatsapp to wear cosy pants so it is not a real date at all, but he came in skinny jeans. In my opinion an absolute no go for men. First, he totally confused me with the two kisses on the cheek - the Spanish greeting, German Viki was not prepared for - and then he said "but my English is not very good".

Anyway, as my intention was to eat (I haven't even had breakfast that day and it was already afternoon) I was okay with that. I was too hungry to pretend I'm normal and let the weirdo in me free. I was crying out loud because they didn't have Mcflurry Turron, I took off my shoes and crouched on the bench and asked weird questions while the nervous guy in front of me was trying to have a normal conversation. I could feel that Antonio was not comfortable. But it was sweet to watch him explain with hands and lots of facial expression and, I can't explain why, I felt safe with him.

He invited me to show me his "thinking place" where he used to go to all his childhood and I didn't hesitate to say yes. When we hiked through the bushes, far from civilisation I was thinking to myself  'if I'd ever tell this to my mum, she will kill me. Walking in a forest with a total stranger, without anyone knowing where I am."

The deeper we went, the more relaxed he got till, at the last waterfall we reached, I could get a glimse of who he is. He seemed to be home here, and I was really touched by his gesture to bring me to his little secret.All the time he was very caring for me and especially for lady Cleo.

I was not sure if he saw me as a friend or if he liked me more and later I found out, that he was thinking the same. After the second date we couldn't leave eachother and spend together as much time as possible for the three days. We climbed, we had dinner at the beach, we kissed, we went for bowling, and we shared the tiny bed with my friend who came to visit me at the same time. That he still wanted to see me, though my friend was there, showed me, that he actually liked me (there are still gentleman out there!).

He left back to work and I kept travelling. Two weekends later he came to visit me - drove 8 hours (one way) and the next weekend again and again. I was confused. If there is one thing I'm horrible at, it's feelings. I didn't realize how much I liked him until a few months later, when I met a group of people and realized that none of them is like him. No one does the same stupid jokes, with none of them I can talk like I do with him and no one makes me feel home like he does. This is where I realized how much he meant to me and started to miss him, this nice, handsome guy with a massive nose ring and skinny jeans.
made by Julie Engelmann

In Portugal he travelled with me for two full weeks and I really got to know him. Vanlife is just great to see inside a person. After less than a week I was impressed on how deep and beautiful his soul is and how thoughtful and smart the inside of this little olive head is.

When he left I couldn't stay without him and - because my home is on wheels -  I drove to him. I couldn't stay long this time but I came back. Since then, we are trying to see each other as much as possible but keep travelling when ever possible.

He still complains about how long it took me to fall in love, but we laugh and remember all those beautiful weekends we had together and all the great experiences we made, travelling. Antonio just quit his job and in a couple of months he will be road trippin with us.
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  1. Wow your story is so cute! Wish you best luck on your trip 😘

  2. Schöne Geschichte :)
    Manchmal muss man jemanden erst kennenlernen, bevor man Gefühle investiert. Wie lange willst du denn noch so reisen? Ich überlege mir auch einen Camper zuzulegen und rumzureisen... Ich kann kaum noch an was anderes denken. Muss allerdings noch etwas sparen dafür ^^

  3. Hi, saw the van tour filmed by Dylan! I love what he does :-) And found your site. Thanks for sharing your feelings in this nice post! Good luck on the road & in love affairs! Eline from Belgium

  4. Хороший пост, любви вам, взаимопонимания и хороших путешествий!