Dienstag, 6. November 2018

#responsiblevanlife week 19-25.11

  #responsiblevanlife week

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With our rolling content we make people crave for this adventure and we are all part of the #vanlife boom which hit not just our generation. More and more people join us daily and get infected with the home-on-wheels-virus. But what does this do to our environment?

we are responsible

We have to take care, that every new follower, dreamer and van lifer knows about the rules of living in nature. It's on us to teach and to send out the right vibe: we are responsible for a healthy earth and this is why we want you all to be part of the "responsible vanlife" week.

From 19-25. November we want to encourage you to join us with your postings about this topic
  • why we are responsible
  • what we do
  • why we don't look away and 
  • where we take action

This is such an important topic and I bet that most of you posted about these kind of things already but I want to give this a special treatment by doing this as a community. Imagine the impact this would have and how much attention we could gather to this topic if we do it together at the same time?

So: share the ideas of others, encourage your friends to join, invite other accounts to this chat to spread the message.

I would love to see your posts from 19th to 25th November, may it be the entire 7 days or just one short story. If you use the hashtag #responsiblevanlife we can find each others posts easily.

possible healines coud be: responsible wildcamping, preserving nature while camping, trash / collecting trash, vanlife+fuel, respect locals, sustainable consumption, socially/ecological responsible travelling, van life in social media etc.

Just so you get an idea what I mean: I will post one entire week every day about a diffrent topic, using the headline "responsible vanlife week". In my stories I will reshare other peoples posts, because I bet that there will be some interesting ideas. Always using the hashtag #responsiblevanlife

virtual hugs to all around the world!