work with us

work with us

eine liste aller post über die reise
here is a list of all posts concerning our travels

you like our content and think that we should work together?
message us your idea and we will find out if your brand or product could be a vanilla member.
we have a media kit in german and english which we'll send to you via mail if required.

while choosing cooperations I always keep an eye on sustainability. Is the product recycled or out of natural materials, does it help to reduce plastic waste, is the company producing fair? I am a big eco fan and want to make our planet better. Cooperations with vanilla icedream should support that.

those are the companies we worked with so far

cork insulation - ziro
dog food - majstor
blanket - purnatour
bedsheets - urbanara 
clothing - shirtsforlife
bottle - ecotanka
shoes - ethletics
toothbrush - swak
sunglasses - woodfellas
camper guide - paulcamper

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